20 Essays in Practical Philosophy – Because philosophy actually matters

Here comes another free e-booklet that collects a number of essays I wrote, 20 entries in my practical philosophy series over at Patreon. You can download a free PDF version (several other free booklets on Stoicism, philosophy of science and general philosophy can be found here). Updating Stoicism contains the following:

Introduction: why practical philosophy?

  1. Why does your life matter? A personal story and a challenge to readers 2. On the objectivity of ethical judgments
  2. Telic vs atelic activities, and the meaning of life
  3. Protagoras: should we re-evaluate the Sophists?
  4. Weekend Epicureanism?
  5. Is there a will to meaning?
  6. What on earth is practical philosophy?
  7. Epic battles in practical ethics: Arendt vs Thoreau
  8. Is public philosophy good? Obviously
  9. Epic battles in practical ethics: Virtue ethics vs Consequentialism
  10. Another attack on western philosophy, because, sex
  11. Some of my most loved relatives are sexists and racists. Now what? 13. David Brooks and the five lies culture tells us
  12. Thoreau’s Journal: on writing (why and how)
  13. What does it mean to be “from” somewhere?
  14. What is wisdom?
  15. The lure and danger of extreme examples
  16. Emerson on self-reliance
  17. Secular pilgrimages: the Academy, the Lyceum, and the Stoa
  18. Are you ready to die?

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Massimo is the K.D. Irani Professor of Philosophy at the City College of New York. He blogs at platofootnote.org and howtobeastoic.org. He is the author of How to Be a Stoic: Using Ancient Philosophy to Live a Modern Life.

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