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Why this particular set up? In part this simply reflects my own interests: in Stoicism (practical philosophy), in philosophy of science (and of pseudoscience), and in science (especially biology). But there is a principled reason as well, put forth by the ancient Stoics, as summarized by Diogenes Laertius:

Philosophic doctrine, say the Stoics, falls into three parts: one physical, another ethical, and the third logical. … Philosophy, they say, is like an animal, Logic corresponding to the bones and sinews, Ethics to the fleshy parts, Physics to the soul. Another simile they use is that of an egg: the shell is Logic, next comes the white, Ethics, and the yolk in the centre is Physics. Or, again, they liken Philosophy to a fertile field: Logic being the encircling fence, Ethics the crop, Physics the soil or the trees. Or, again, to a city strongly walled and governed by reason. (Lives and Opinions of the Eminent Philosophers, VII.39-40)

All these rather colorful metaphors are meant to get across the following point: in order to live a good human life (ethics), we need to reason correctly (logic), and to understand — to the best of our abilities — how the world works (physics). And this powerful ancient idea is the conceptual framework I have decided to adopt for my own writings. I hope you’ll enjoy them.