Good Reasoning

Index of essays on good reasoning, i.e., “logic” as understood by the Greco-Romans, or what we moderns may call general philosophy. Individual essays appear on the Patreon and Medium platforms. Numbers refer to publication sequence since 2018 (higher numbers, more recent).

  • 290. Can we test theology experimentally? On the nature of theological vs scientific theories (Patreon / Medium)
  • 282. It’s all bullshit! On the relationship between pseudoscience and pseudophilosophy (Patreon / Medium)
  • 279. Richard Dawkins writes really silly things about science and philosophy (Patreon / Medium)
  • 257. Socrates, reductionism, and proper levels of explanation (Patreon / Medium)
  • 254. So, you want to be a critical thinker? Listen to Marcus Aurelius (Patreon / Medium)
  • 246. Don’t ever say “you always want to be right.” It’s not an argument (Patreon / Medium)
  • 219. Good and bad reasons to argue (Patreon / Medium)
  • 196. No, predictions are not overrated. On some scientists’ strange attitude toward philosophy (Patreon / Medium)
  • 190. Free will, conceptual landscapes, and the nature of philosophical progress (Patreon / Medium)
  • 164. “I don’t read biased news.” Yes you do, because there is no other kind. And that’s okay (Patreon / Medium)
  • 154. The pathetic syllogism and how to console people in grief (Patreon / Medium)
  • 153. How to behave virtuously in an irrational world, Part III (Patreon / Medium)
  • 151. How to behave virtuously in an irrational world, Part II (Patreon / Medium)
  • 150. How to behave virtuously in an irrational world, Part I (Patreon / Medium)
  • 86. Stoic epistemology 101: Zeno and the metaphor of the hand movement (Patreon / Medium)